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Lea Darragh was once a dreamer of words and stories, until she decided one day to put her hand to creating a whole new world. Telling stories of hope, desperation, love and loss, Lea has written characters that everyone can relate to at one point or another. Her stories are realistic and cover topics that can be difficult to face. She will never shy away from the difficulties that life throws, and will bravely continue to write about them. 

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15th Sept.

This Love release

Lea is incredibly excited for the release of her second novel! Look forward to immersing yourself in a story about forgiveness after a tragedy, and learning to love, even if the consequences could spell the end of everything. 

Ndulgent Bloggers

"Almost Mine takes a whole different perspective on the story of love.​"


"Almost Mine was not at all what I was expecting. It’s a sad, heartbreaking story about realizing what’s right in front of you."


Almost Mine is most definitely a romance novel though as I identified with Cate so keenly, it has dug deeper into my soul. I feel for Cate as she went through each of her ups and downs, the angst, the guilt, and finally acceptance. To learn that to love is to forgive and to forgive is to love… I am utterly relieved of having finished reading though I want to read it again.


This was meant to be a book review though it turned out to be rather of a self-introspection but I’m posting this anyway because I’d like the author to know that she’s touched at least one random soul in the world.​


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